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The INTWINE Saga, essential books for young adults.INTWINE is a young adult, science fiction series of four books.  It tells the story of Juliette Greenmoss, whose life is flipped upside-down after falling for an inter-stellar, rock star, prince named Seth.  

Fan mail and reader reviews:
"INTWINE is like a newborn comet racing across a galaxy. With the author's easy narrative and fast-paced flow, I found myself hooked and unable to put the story down. The books of Christina Moss are not only for teens; they have universal appeal, even for older readers like myself!" --Ron  

"Intwine was a true page turner and I wanted the world to just take a break so I could remain completely immersed in the story without distraction until the end. By the time I read the last page, I felt as though I had known the characters for a long time and they were part of my life. I could appreciate the feelings, emotions, concerns and humor of each character.  The story pulled me along in the adventures at a break-neck pace that I loved. It made me laugh out loud, yearn for Seth's home, feel like a young girl madly in love for the first time and so much more. I didn't want it to end and no doubt I will be repeating myself after your next book!!! Can't wait!" --Paula 

"I'm TOTALLY in love with your books!!! "--Elisabetta
"I don't read fiction books, which means I don't read science fiction or love stories. All that changed when I read Vampire of My Dreams, then Intwine, by Christina Moss. Her characters are real, the adventures are believable and suspenseful enough to keep you intrigued. And the love interest between the characters? Not soppy,not x-rated, overly stimulated fantasies, or boring examples of him looking longingly ... or her gazing dreamily ... but exciting romances that sweep you along with them. I'm eagerly awaiting every new book by Christina Moss - she's successfully converted me into a reader of fiction!" --Barbara  
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INTWINE Series are young adult science fiction books not the same as but fresh & new like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Ender's Game, Twilight & Star Wars.
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"I finished reading your book and I laughed out loud a lot!  Thank you for making characters that aren't wimpy in love.  Perfect pace and descriptions.  I really liked the quotes at the tops of the chapters.  When can I read book 2 and when is the movie coming out?  Intwine is one of my favorite books now.Thanks for writing it and I hope you never finish!" --Miranda 

"I'm really enjoying INTWINE. I'm totally in love with Seth and Juliette!  You have it in you to be 'the next great author' who will stand the test of time. Thank you for sharing your art." --Stephanie 

"Intwine is a bustling, sci-fi tale of unlikely romance,between a Burbank, California high schooler and an off-world, rock star Royal.The book introduces the author's brilliantly-conceived and cleverly-crafted "Intwine Saga," a suspense-filled, reader-hooking series marvelously replete with intra-galactic travel, and advanced science, technology and gadgetry--a mix that affords Moss an expansive canvas upon which to entertain readers for books to come." --Rob 

"I read the book in a day and I really loved it.  I thought it was wonderful.  My client took it and really liked it and her daughter really likes it too.  I thought it was very clever and I've been dying to tell you." --Bette  (continued)
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