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About The INTWINE Series

The fateful meeting of Seth and Juliette begins a unique story which sets off a chain of events that send them hurtling across the Milky Way on a wondrous and dangerous journey. Between desperate rescues and evil aliens, Juliette must correct a 15,000 year old injustice in order to save her herself and the future of humanity.


Adamantine Publishing House

Adamantine Publishing House is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the branding for books, audio, written and recorded materials that are protected by the trademarks and copyrights of Christina Moss. All rights reserved.

INTWINE (Book 1)

INTWINE: Star-Crossed DNA, the first book of The INTWINE Series, is a heart-felt Science Fiction story that explodes with action, space travel and plot twists. This book introduces the reserved and meek Juliette, who finds herself face-to-face with shocking danger, deadly foes and an unlikely love interest.

Available in Paperback and Audiobook

INSIGHT (Book 2)

INSIGHT: Tragedy and Transformation - We find Julie devastated after a loved one dies, and her problems multiply when she is cut off from Seth. An etherial being teaches Julie how to use her emerging power, but will it be enough to stop aliens bent on destroying the Earth?

Available in Paperback and Audiobook 


INCIRCLE: Loved & Lost - Royal Officer, Anna, joins Julie on Earth. But aliens poised for revenge will stop at nothing to make Julie's life a living hell. Asera offers to help further refine Julie's ability, but can she save Seth when the unthinkable happens?

Available in Paperback and Audiobook

INVIRAL (Book 4)

This title is in pre-publishing stages. The release date will be announced in the author's newsletter first. Later, it will be promoted through social media, ads and book-signings. If you would like to be alerted before the release of INVIRAL: The Phage, (and receive an invitation to the publishing party), sign up for the newsletter and you

 won't miss a beat.

Future Publication

Vampire of My Dreams

This sweet and dramatic novella is a clean young adult vampire love story available in Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook. For a limited time this audiobook (on CD) is available for FREE when readers sign up for Christina's BLOG. For your FREE audiobook on CD, click HERE.

Available in Paperback and Audiobook

Nothing at All

Nothing at All by Christina Moss, is a book of biographical poetry and metaphors. Released in May 2020, Nothing at All was an instant number 1 Best-Seller, and a number 1 New Release on Amazon.

Available in Paperback

About Christina Moss

Christina Moss was raised and educated in New England. After a tenure in private education, raising a family and volunteering at disasters sites at home and abroad, Christina put her fingers to the keyboard and began writing. She has 6 published titles including two best-sellers, INTWINE and Nothing at AllChristina lives in Las Vegas where she writes, teaches creative writing and co-manages Christina Moss Naturals. 

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About Christina Moss Naturals

Since 1999, Christina Moss has been formulating and producing a line of clean and natural hair and skincare products. For more information, visit the website:

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